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ITC Express helps companies connect with customers who are looking to buy new products and services or are considering a switch from their current provider.

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Interested In Buying Potentially Leaving ITC Satisfaction Indicator
Sprint 1852 26899
Verizon 5551 18203
AT&T 4606 16828
Comcast 1781 16159
T-Mobile 2293 13288
DirecTV 2340 13122
Time Warner Cable 1355 8389
Dish Network 1158 4202
Cox Communications 195 2036
Charter Communications 108 948
CenturyLink 50 890
Cricket 196 697
Bright House Networks 45 697
US Cellular 143 534
Mediacom Communications 33 502
Frontier Communications 18 452
Cable One 17 286
Tracfone 108 184
*Data visualized on a rolling 30-day period
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@vzwsupport Awesome! I am waiting on a call from the fraud dept as to why I wasn't contacted after an order was cancelled. What can you do?
@pc3244 Hi Paul, consider DISH, we're offering The SEC Network and we have a special Twitter deal when you switch! Would you like more info?
@twc_nynj your service sucks every time my internet goes down my damn phone is dead forget these crap I'm going back to Verizon
Been on hold with @centurylink for 25 minutes trying to cancel service with a company I don't actually receive any service from...
Had to call sprint and tell them cancel that payment
@edwinjeffords: I'm at @twc canceling my internet. 39 people ahead of me for one customer service agent. #whatcustomerservice?
May leave tmobile and go to either AT&T or back to Verizon...I'm not used to lackluster service...
Wtf big fire by Verizon
I'm tired of at&t
Lol I remember when I got ground and my mom disconnected my phone and I call T-Mobile to reconnect just so I can talk to vicente. Loolllol.
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