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ITC Express helps companies connect with customers who are looking to buy new products and services or are considering a switch from their current provider.

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Interested In Buying Potentially Leaving ITC Satisfaction Indicator
Sprint 2073 22309
Verizon 5157 14709
AT&T 3687 11398
Comcast 1374 10325
T-Mobile 2800 7290
Time Warner Cable 1055 7409
DirecTV 1989 5875
Dish Network 782 1968
Cable One 14 1251
Cox Communications 118 975
Charter Communications 99 957
US Cellular 108 536
Cricket 160 481
Bright House Networks 56 454
Mediacom Communications 23 431
CenturyLink 47 378
Frontier Communications 29 383
Tracfone 63 210
*Data visualized on a rolling 30-day period
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@tmobile your company sucks yo! I want a refund back!
K when the next iPhone comes out I'm going back to verizon sprint sucks nuts in poky
Getting really irritated with Verizon fios.
@verizonfios are you throttling my connection and making my MLB TV experience on my Xbox crappy on purpose?
Thank god i wasnt in likea tourny or anything cuz @xfinity would have screwed me over cuz they keep messing with my internet with no warning
@hanetaa @gizzmynizz LMAO!!! I HATE @sprintcare 😒
@attcustomercare Another big screw up! Need help now!
@dynamopete bc comcast sucks
Verizon, you suck
@the_wolf_man0 It's the property im annoyed at. I can no longer get @coxcomm because of some thing with the owner, even though we have TV
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