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ITC Opens Customer Service on Facebook Messenger
to All Companies, Everywhere

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The unified digital customer service platform that powers TD Bank Group and Newegg on Messenger is now available to enterprises worldwide.

Read the latest announcement on Facebook Messenger as a customer service option directly from Facebook F8 Developer Conference.

The news of ITC offering Messenger globally as a customer service channel comes soon after Newegg and TD Bank both announced that they’re the first ever in their respective industries to offer Facebook Messenger to customers.

More than 800 million people use Messenger to stay connected to the people they care about. ITC now enables those same people to engage with your company in the same convenient and comfortable way.  With a visit to their contact list or the click of your Message Us button, customers can be connecting with you via Messenger. A great service experience for them. An efficient service channel for you.

Facebook Messenger seamlessly integrates into ITC’s Digital Customer Service platform alongside your other digital channels, including text messaging, social media and chat (web, mobile or in-app). This makes it easy for you to let your customers contact your company via their channels of choice, while simplifying contact handling for your front-line teams.

Let us show you how Messenger can work for you.

A Single Platform For Your Digital Customer Service Team

Don’t burden your digital customer service team with multiple applications on their desktop. ITC’s best in class digital contact center platform brings together 2-way text messaging, chat (web, mobile and in-app), social media and now Facebook Messenger customer service on a single screen.

Start with one channel or launch them all. You will love the efficiency and cost savings. Your team will love the simplicity. Your customers will love the convenience of true mobile and digital customer service freedom.

Move 35% of Your Calls to Text
Reduce Your Cost by 20%

Text messaging has emerged as the most important new player in omni-channel sales and service. 58% more cost-effective than phone calls, text is also the convenient and friendly channel of choice for all demographics of people on the go.

As consumers, we want customer service when and where we want it. That might be from the bus, the park or the boardroom.  Giving your customers a number to text means they can reach out when and where it’s most convenient for them.

2-Way Text Messaging Customer Service

Not sure how to start? Offer your customers the choice when they want to chat: Let them choose whether to connect through their browser or via text messaging for a response on the go. Now you’ve decreased cost while delivering a stellar customer experience.

Social Media
Built for the Contact Center

ITC social media uses our proprietary text analytics to eliminate non-actionable content from the agent desktop and deliver the right posts to the right agents for resolution. The result is faster responses delivered with up-to 50% increased staffing efficiency over traditional social platforms.

Your contact center has specific and unique needs for social media management and you should have the platform that is built to address those needs. The wrong solution is just too expensive. ITC social media improves performance by:

  • Eliminating non-serviceable posts and those that don’t require a reply
  • Sending actionable posts to the best-skilled agent for response
  • Providing robust reporting and performance management
  • Enabling service across multiple social channels
  • Integrating traditional contact handling processes into social case management

Boost efficiency by integrating ITC social on a single platform that includes Facebook, Twitter and now Facebook Messenger alongside ITC text messaging and chat (web, mobile & in-app).

Web, Mobile and In-App Chat

Don’t just add a chat box to your website and call it a day! ITC lets you give your customers unprecedented chat options and your agents the friendliest single platform from which to support them.  Web, mobile and even in-app chat are all available on ITC’s platform.

Adding text messaging into your chat solution with ITC provides the ultimate in mobile customer care. Customers can choose to chat through their browser or over SMS for greater convenience. They can even seamlessly move from a chat to a text discussion — say so long to abandoned sessions!

With ITC chat, leverage the benefits of full multi-channel digital customer service.